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Your investment matters. You're seeking clarity in an industry rife with uncertainty, and that's right where we come in. At StorageStudy, we're a company that understands the challenges and complexities you face as you navigate the self-storage investment landscape because, truth be told (and we love the truth 'round here), we're not just storage development consultants, we're owners and investors in self storage facilities, too.

As a proven ally to over 2000 clients just like you, our insights and experience are without equal. With such knowledge, we know how to craft a self storage feasibility study that safeguards your path to scalable profitability. We are invested in your success from day one and trust you'll love learning about our commitment to you as you scroll and click through our resources.

Best way to protect your storage unit investment is with a feasibility study

Self Storage Feasibility Studies and Investment Development Services

A picture showing that self storage feasibility studies are the missing piece to a successful investment.Let's start at the very beginning. A self storage faciltiy is a commercial property that makes for an excellent real estate investment. Not to be confused with a stand-alone storage unit, a self storage facility is a larger property, consisting of hundreds of units. We help developers and investors maximize their investment on facilities with 100+ units. 

As with any investment, you need to do your research and due diligence so that you can act on cutting-edge information. This is the missing piece for a successful project.

Our self storage feasibility studies are the cornerstone of our service offerings. We delve deep into market analysis, site viability, zoning requirements, and financial projections to provide actionable insights and recommendations. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newcomer to the industry, our expertise ensures that your investment is founded on sound principles and strategic foresight.

With years of experience as a borrower, lender, developer, owner, investor, and manager in the self-storage industry, we understand the ever-changing landscape of the market and the nuances of successful investment strategies. Our feasibility studies go beyond mere data analysis; we offer a holistic approach that takes into account local market trends, competitive landscapes, potential risks, and new supply on the horizon.

For those investors who might need it, construction and development support is available as an additional service. As we've said in many places, your bottom line is our primary interest. If your investment won't work, we'll tell 'ya

Our Investment in Your Success

Picture showing how we're trusted storage facility feasibility study consulting professionalsBuyer Beware! The last thing you need is a one-size-fits-all self storage feasibility study. No one offers the level of depth, insight, and experience that we do. Your bottom line is our top priority and we strive to bring you the types of insight that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Our feasibility study services are second to none. When you work with StorageStudy, you benefit from our 20+ years of experience as owners, operators, lenders, investors, borrowers, and property managers. Our headquarters are located near Richmond, Virginia, but our capabilities extend coast-to-coast for those looking to invest in facilities with 100+ units or more. If your project is smaller in scope, please check out our forthcoming blog for handy resources to help micro-investors.

What can you expect when you work with us? Unparalleled insight from industry-leading experience. We’ve worn all the hats, and you’ll benefit from a level of service that others can’t touch. Our team is often described as the family member in the business that investors wish they had. Like family, we’re committed to you, and as such, we offer you our hallmark project thumbnail that reveals any red flags - for free.

We want you to succeed, and we use cutting-edge data and market research that others wish they knew about.

A Process That's Profitable

This is a picture illustrating that a self storage feasibility study is the key to a great investment and ROIOnce we've given you a thumbnail of your project's viability, we connect the dots between four crucial components: market potential, site viability, investment quality, and strategic recommendations. This step is crucial if you're looking for funding, as banks and investors require this level of insight and risk assessment.

Our GIS Analysis gives you a visual heatmap of your market's viability and potential. This allows you to quickly hone in on locations that will be the most profitable.

As an owner's representative, you and your team can be hands-off, entrusting us to marshall the development team throughout the development cycle.

We can also help you with design review. With a track record of completing countless successful projects, we know what works and what doesn't. We'll help ensure that your facility caters to the needs of your end-users.

Got Operations? If you know that your current storage facilities aren't performing as they should, we can find out why. Our Management Consulting services will assess the whole of your operation and provide meaningful, measurable recommendations geared toward keeping your operation profitable and competitive.