How Innovative Designs Enhance Self Storage Facilities

Your customers matter. As a developer or investor in the self-storage industry, you’ve got to have an awareness of what matters to your tenants in the self storage facilities you’re building.

When customers are looking for self-storage facilities (whether for old bedroom furniture, kitchen appliances, or clothing) the right design can not only inspire them to continue to utilize the space but also give them peace of mind that their property will be safe and protected.

Innovative and intuitive designs and amenities can bring your self-storage designs to new heights. In this article, we will share some examples of how self-storage facilities can benefit from innovative design.

Seek Out Expert Insights on Self-Storage Design Development

A self-storage owner discusses innovative self-storage designs with a consultant.

Once you’re through feasibility, the timeline of your project and details begin to take shape. Thinking abouthow to bring innovative design to a self-storage facility can happen by partnering with an industry-leading self-storage consulting group who knows how to make storage units desireable (and profitable). .

A self-storage consultant from our team will help you think like a real estate developer. We  will provide unsurpassed industry insights and knowledge to ensure your self-storage innovation endeavors start and end on the right foot.f

Climate-Controlled Self Storage Facilities Protect Customer

When designing a self-storage facility, an essential feature to include are climate-controlled amenities. These amenities show consumers that their items are safe in their storage units. Climate-controlled storage provides optimal conditions for customer belongings when they’re renting a unit, especially if those belongings cannot be stored in just any condition.

Keep in mind that this feature, while costly, helps you boost your rental rates and occupancy time over greater periods.

Climate-controlled self-storage units have enhanced air quality, an aspect of self-storage designs that will preserve customer belongings like electronics and other fragile possessions. Climate-controlled units also protect customers’ items from pests by utilizing consistent airflow to deter them from bothering their possessions. The consistent airflow and controlled temperature also prevent mildew and mold, conditions that are also known to draw insects into buildings.

From an operations standpoint, capital management is important. But remember, in the end, you are providing a service. Remember your customers. For nearly all of them, the most important factor for renting from your self-storage facility will be a  climate-controlled system  that brings peace of mind.

Include Advances in Technology When Designing Self Storage Facilities

A person uses face recognition biometrics to access their device.

Tech is cool. And also desirable. Nowadays, more and more renters will opt for a facility that makes it easy to manage their personal effects and relationship with the facility.

Advancements in technology have offered convenience, functionality, and security to consumers and storage employees that cannot be understated.

For one, smart access control puts the power of control at the renter’s fingertips. Smart access allows greater security of a unit renter’s belongings and prevents unwanted access at a greater level than units without smart access control. Renter’scan use their smartphones to access their self-storage room or biometric authentication via face or fingerprint recognition specific to self-storage designs to further protect their items. The peace of mind and privacy that smart access control provides is unprecedented.

Post-COVID, contactless rental solutions have also been a trending innovation and solution. Additionally, having an innovative website where consumers can research self-storage options via virtual tours and make reservations to rent online makes the process that much smoother and safer for consumers and increases the probability that they’ll rent again. These aren’t the standard features most developers think about with a storage facility, but planning for them could help boost your ROI.

Parting Thoughts About  Innovative Design & Self Storage Facilities

No, a storage facility will never be a house. But curb appeal counts.If your storage facility looks like just another warehouse, it can deter people from renting a unit because it could imply that their items won’t be safe. Things like the floor, the paint, the lighting, and the shape of your storage units can make or break a consumer’s faith in your amenities.

It’s essential to keep your self-storage facility in the best shape possible. This means making sure the floor is clean, the units are pest-free, and the paint job is appealing and uniform throughout. A clean, orderly, secure storage facility will positively color a consumer’s experience as they store their precious or excess inventory with your facility. Developers don’t often consider the management team as a “feature,” but installing a good one will help you with long-term success.

When you work with our team,  innovative insights are the name of the game. You can’t fake the capabilities that come from 20+ years in the trenches as managers, owners, operators, and developers. Working with our self-storage consultant team is the best way to see what’s new and lucrative in the industry. Give is a call or drop us a line to learn more.